Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Revolution or Contradiction?

"Revolution I told you before is not always a positive thing, it is sometimes a blood war, a cycle with no purpose but to enrich people and distract the masses from a larger power struggle ." -Immortal Technique

This week P.L. will explore the songs and lyrics of Immortal Technique and open a discussion about what it means to be a revolutionary.

Don't know Immortal Technique? We'll introduce you.

Here is a little about the man:

Born in a military hospital in South America, Immortal Technique was brought to the United States in the early 80's while a civil war was breaking out in his native Peru. The US supported puppet democracy and Guerilla factions were locked in a bitter struggle which ended like most do in Latin America, with the military and economic aid of the State Dept. through channels like the CIA. Although he had escaped the belligerent poverty and social turmoil of life in the 3rd world, he was now residing in Harlem which had its own share of drama. Growing up on the streets of New York, the young man became enamored with Hip Hop culture, writing graffiti and starting to rhyme at an early age. Although he frequently cut school and ended up being arrested time and time again for his wild behavior, the kid still managed to finish high school and got accepted to a state university. Unfortunately the survivalist and aggressive attitude that was the norm in New York City caused him to be involved in more violent altercations at school, whether it was with other brothers, false flaggers or the relentlessly racist population of an uncultured Middle America.

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